So, what it is already!


(Transcription of a speech given at the annual meeting of MAFS (Mothers Against Filk Singing), at the East Antbreath Hilton, Antbreath, OK, 1992)
-Joe Bethancourt

I am glad to see all of you here today. We are met to begin our fight against a sinister cult conspiracy; a cult that meets at night, in rooms filled with sweating bodies of both sexes. A cult that takes our songs, even our _hymns_, and twists them into sick "humor". A cult that has continued the efforts of the conspiracists of the 1960's; those that brought us that "folk" music; to take our youngsters away from the gentle strains of Muzak and Laurence Welk and hook them on songs by a notorious radical like Leslie Fish, or an irreligious iconoclast like Bob Kanefsky (heavy booing from the 7 persons in the audience).

This cult uses the simple dandelion as its symbol, perverting the concept of sweet flowers, and putting in their place a common noxious WEED ..... and God knows, we know what is meant in the underworld slang by "weed!" I mean Mary-jew-anna!

Right -here,- in beautiful Antbreath!

They even allow, nay, -encourage- the singing of what they term "bawdy" songs, but obscenity is dirty no matter what puling libertarian language is used! And the pure ears of our women folk, who should not even be -up- that late, are exposed to this! For shame! (cheers from the 6 people in the audience)

This cult gathers with those who read Science Fiction, called "Sci-Fi" by those 'in the know,' and parties for days at a time, with hotel rooms literally -jammed- with persons of both sexes doing God knows what! (muttering from the 4 people in the audience)

There are even many, many -computer experts- there! Those who run the awful electronic counting machines that will usher in the infamous New World Order of the 666 Beast! They communicate over what they term "BBS" or "Nets", spreading their vile contagion literally world-wide! (boos from the 3 people in the audience)

They are even found connected with such notorious groups at the ACLU, the SCA, the Libertarian Party, the Republican and Democratic Parties, the NRA, the IWW, the MIDIs, and the corner grocery! (boos from the 2 people in the audience)

This cult, these so-called "filkers" ; the word is an obvious codification of that filthy slang word meaning "sexual intercourse"; are worms of the earth, eating at the vine of true belief, Motherhood and Apple Pie! They are only little folk, now. They -must- be stopped!

(cheers from the 1 person in the audience, the speaker's 2 year old daughter)


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