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The Arkham Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce is the largest autonomous Chamber of Commerce in this area and represents approximately 1,600 businesses with more than 35,000 employees in the greater Arkham area. Small businesses make up 75 percent of the Chamber's membership. While some Chambers of Commerce receive monies from local and state government agencies, the Arkham Chamber is an autonomous, standalone organization dedicated to furthering the standard of living in Arkham by developing an atmosphere in which business can create jobs and operate at a profit. The Arkham Chamber spearheads initiatives in five key areas: governmental affairs, political action, economic development, community development, and tourist rescue services.

An old city in Massachusetts, in the United States, crossed by the murky Miskatonic River, Arkham was founded in the first years of the seventeenth century but has changed very little since then ( the reconstruction after the Flood in the 1980's is almost finished ). In the hills around, in the dark valley of white stones nearby and on the uninhabited island in the Miskatonic River, terrible ceremonies are said to have taken place since the founding of the city. Many buildings in Arkham are the silent witnesses of dark deeds: the famous Witch House, for instance, inhabited by Keziah Mason who caused an unmentionable scandal during her trial in 1692. The old graveyard is also an interesting place to visit during daylight hours only.

Miskatonic University, one of the centres of New England culture, has specialized in the occult, and a number of famous scholars -- Dr. Armitage, Professor Wilmarth, Randolf Carter, Sam Hane Sr. -- have passed through its venerable halls. The library of the University is celebrated for its rare and dangerous books: the Necronomicon of the mad Arab Abdul al Hazred, the fragmentary Book of Eibon, the Unaußprechlichen Kulten by von Juntz, the Pnakotician Manuscripts, the Sussex Fragments and the Cultes des Goules by the Count of Erlette.

This is also the headquarters for Arkham House Publishing, specializing in rare and unusual books of all kinds.

We do not recommend the sushi bars to those with weak hearts or queasy stomachs.


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